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 1. Why the name "Sons of The Desert"?
 2. What are Divisions?
 3. Who can belong to the "Daughters of the Desert" Division?
 4. Who are the "Friends of the Shrine" members?
 5. My Shrine Temple is not from CA.  Can I still join the club?
 6. Is there life membership available?

Answer 1
The "Sons of The Desert" was so named because the main founders of the Club are all in Ceremonial team.  As that is a common phrase used to refer to the brothers about to be made into Nobles, we chose that to be our name.  The logo mascot is an adaptation of the old mascot for CV High School, as many of the founders were from that High School.

Answer 2
Our Shrine Club is destined to be very big with multiple "groups" within the club.  In order to manage the groups and group activities better, we decided to call them Divisions, each having a Division Commander.  Stay tuned for all the exciting Divisions to be announced and posted on the website.

Answer 3
The "Daughters" are the wives, ladies and any female person related to the members.  We wanted to make sure there is no discrimination because of the club name so we created a Division for the ladies of the club.  We look forward to all the fun things we will do together as a big family.

Answer 4
The "friends" of the Shrine are non-Shriners who would like to participate in all our fun events but are not voting members.   Per our bylaws, they have to show the officers proof that they are in the process of becoming a "Master Mason" and a "Noble" in good standing and are vouched by at least two members.  This was created to help the club grow quickly in numbers as well as to support Masonry and Shrinedom.  The "friends of the Shrine" are only participants and can not vote at official meetings until they become members.

Answer 5
ANY Shriner in good standing in a Shrine Temple recognized by our Imperial Council is welcome to apply.  We look forward to having events Internationally all over the world soon.  Again, any member applying to become a member must meet the pre-requisit and be recommended by at least two members.

Answer 6
Life memberships will be available soon.   As our club is very new, this is a task we will tackle soon once we get the membership moving forward.  As life membership requires special care and accounting, we will tend to this in the near future when we have everything else organized.  Stay tuned.